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Shirasasa Tsuzumi純米吟醸
We will enjoy "Wakamizu," a sake rice produced in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Wakamizu is polished to 55% yield. It will be a junmai ginjo called "Junmai Ginjo". (*/◎◎Goku goku*) Goku goku It is light. It is easy to drink at first, probably due to the 14% alcohol content. However, when you put it in your mouth, it spreads to the sides. It is strange. It is not fruity, but rather, it has a sake-like intoxication. After the second day, the lightness remains and it is easy to drink. It also feels like water. It is a good sake.
Shirasasa Tsuzumi横浜 鴨居本醸造
My wife bought something rare. My wife bought a rare one. Shiro Sasadzumi itself is a sake brewery in Kanagawa, so it is not rare. But it seems to be limited to Lalaport Yokohama. (Kamoi is located in the Mitsui Shopping Center. (Kamoi is where Mitsui Shopping Center Lalaport is located.) It is rare to find sake from Yokohama, but is there such a thing? It seems to be a rare sake from Yokohama, but is there such a thing? First, yesterday, at room temperature. It tasted strong. Today, I drank it cold. Today's sake tastes a little more sour and sweet. I don't know how to describe it, but it tastes like honjozo. I don't dislike it. But I wonder how much sake there is.
Shirasasa Tsuzumi初しぼり純米生酒
Shirasazatiko Hatsushibori Junmai Nama from Kanagawa Prefecture. When I used to live in Hadano on a mid-term business trip, I used to drink Shirasadazuki when it was sold as a Hadano specialty. It is a very nostalgic feeling that goes into this wine, which is typical of a famous water village. ☺️ If possible, I would like to drink it with tonzuke (pork-based pickles).
Shirasasa Tsuzumi特別本醸造
Sake given to me by my father, who is not a drinker, because he said it was given to him as a congratulatory gift! I was going to drink Shinshu Kamerei new sake, but I changed it to a local Honjozo in a hurry 🍶. And it was in a bottle 😭. It was left on the floor so it was cold 😭. Well, it's easier to drink than before ✨. I think the occasional Honjozo is also possible. I can think of it as a sake. I can't get to the new sake I've been looking forward to until this is done 😭. I usually drink on weekends, but I'll do my best on weekdays too 🍶.
Shirasasa Tsuzumi特別純米
Tokiko Takahashi
Aroma: The aroma is subdued, but there are soft aromas of grain and sugar cane. Taste: The attack is clear, but gradually becomes more complex. I tried it in a wine glass at first, but the aroma was too subdued, so I switched to a cypress boar cup 🍶If the aroma or taste does not suit you, you can change the sake container or temperature to completely change the character of the sake 👍. I recommend using a sake cup that flows easily in your mouth instead of a glass. Pairing: Nabe (hot pot), meat and potatoes, and other tasty foods