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よっちAt Nihonbashi Fukushima-kan Drink Comparison Set Iwaki I thought it was huge when I drank it before, but this time 15 degrees, soft but with good stimulation, this was also delicious with pickles!
又兵衛純米酒 Iwaki Laiki純米
けむとうさんLocal Iwaki super-malt sales? Matabei Junmai Sake from Iwaki, Japan. The second one is made from 100% Iwaki Raiki! The alcohol content is a bit high for me at 16%, so it tends to be dry. I think it would be easier to drink at a slightly higher temperature than cold, without feeling dry.
スローライフA co-worker gave this to me as a gift for my birthday celebration! This sake is sweet and refreshing, like wine but with a robust rice flavor! Thank you for the sake from Fukushima!
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, Slow Life 😃. Happy Birthday 🎂 Happy Birthday 🎉 Thanks for the gift 🍶 that you know, coworker 🤗.
のぶのぶGet off at Iwaki station. In front of the station, there is a magnificent castle ruins! This kind of coincidence makes me happy. This sake is, in a good way, just as it was 20 years ago when sake was popular 🍶. It contains a peculiar taste. However, it is a perfect match for ekiben, which are full of the flavor of the seashore. The variety of flavors is the beauty of sake, isn't it?
ポンちゃんGood evening, Nobu-Nobu! The ruins of the castle in front of the station in the Abukuma River valley! It's the best part of train travel 🎶and I'm happy to hear that it goes well with this delicious looking sea urchin rice ❣️ and this sake, a wonderful discovery 😊👍.
のぶのぶGood evening, Pon-chan. It is really nice to meet new people on a trip. Pon-chan, I hope you will also visit ‼️
又兵衛地酒 ワンカップ
ぴーたまWe received this as a souvenir. WBC winner 🎉🎊 From among the trio, tonight we will have Matabei, a souvenir from Iwaki City, with fish cake as soon as possible 🍶. My first sake. I opened the bottle and wondered if it was a normal sake. It is dry but has a delicious flavor, with no strange aroma or other unpleasant taste 😋. It is a trio of Daishichi and Nagurayama. It is indeed a Fukushima sake. It is indeed a Fukushima sake. And I was like "wow! The flavor and aroma of the sake (alcohol) increases as it warms up. I recommend heating it up 😋. Of course it goes well with Iwaki city fish cake 👍 It is a cup that makes you want to drink more than Junmai category.
ぴーたまMatabei is ranked 43rd in Fukushima Prefecture by Sake-no-wa. Fukushima sake has a lot of layers.