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蔵出し直送 生原酒純米大吟醸原酒生酒
蔵出し直送 生原酒 Check-in 1
Clear and colorless (quite transparent) Fruity aroma like muscat Very smooth mouthfeel that feels false Lightly sweet So easy to drink that it is hard to believe even if it is said to be a pure sake. It is so easy to drink that it is hard to believe that it is a pure sake. It is very delicate and should be enjoyed by itself for an elegant time rather than paired with food. It is best paired with light, flavorless dishes such as sashimi. Because the brewing water is made from melting snow water, which is selected as one of the best 100 waters in Japan, the sake is easy to drink and goes down your throat smoothly, even if it is undiluted. It is surprising that such a highly recommended sake can be purchased at the newly renovated commercial facility in Niigata Station. If you stop by Niigata Station, please give it a try. Alc. 16%. Undisclosed rice Polishing ratio 50%. Unblended Sake Sake meter degree -8
Toko Check-in 1
Almost colorless and transparent (bright yellowish green) Fruity aroma like melon Smooth taste, rich sweet taste Easy to drink despite being a pure sake Seems to go well with well-seasoned dishes and cream-based seasonings Sukiyaki, yakitori sauce, tuna sashimi, pasta with cream sauce, hamburger steak with demi-glace sauce, cream stew, smoked cheese Want to drink with fatty white fish sashimi. The container is a can, which makes it look cheap, but the gorgeousness exceeded my expectations, perhaps because it is fired at a low temperature. Since it is convenient to carry around, we hope that it will become a more familiar drink. Alc. 16%. Yamagata rice Rice polishing ratio 55 Unblended sake Sake meter degree -4