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ルテルテミAfter visiting Kawazu cherry blossoms in Yodo, I went to a sake brewery in Fushimi since it is one stop away. We went to Fushimi Yumehyakushu to compare 5 kinds of spring sake. This sake is brewed with a cherry blossom yeast called kisakura. It had a nice clean sweetness. You can feel the softness of Fushimizu.
あおちゃんGood evening! The cherry blossoms in Yodo are beautiful 😁 I live in Kyoto but I've never seen them 😰. I've never seen it 🌃 and I'm not sure if I can buy sake in Kyoto anytime 😂. This yellow cherry blossom looks delicious 😁.
ルテルテミGood evening, Ao😄. I know, it's easy to put it off when you're in the neighborhood. I also learned about the cherry blossoms in Yodo for the first time when I was invited this time. I can understand why you don't go to the yellow cherry blossoms either 😆. The flower yeast was gentle and delicious 😋.