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Kamoshibitokuheijiうすにごり 生純米大吟醸生酒
Kojimura (麹村)
じゅんさんThe best sake of the day, a special once-a-year sake, was at this restaurant. It is a brewer's Kuheiji Usu Nigori Nama. The specifications are not disclosed, but it is a delicious sake with a moderate fizziness, juiciness, and a slight acidity that invites the second and third cups! 100% Yamadanishiki produced in Kurodanosho 16% alcohol by volume
ジェイ&ノビィHi Jun 😃 Here we have been put off so far 😅 after seeing your evaluation, I'm going to pre-order and get it next season👍.
じゅんさんYes, please try it, I thought this was the best of all the brewer's kuheiji!