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Shinshu Osake Mura (信州おさけ村)
tomoさんI was wondering if I should have a few more drinks, I found a menu item called "A Slightly Unusual Sake Set" 😍. Being the pervert that I am, I ordered it 😁. Three different sets: Beaumichelle, Keiryuu, and Princess Time. First of all, I wanted to try Beaumichel! I finally got around to drinking it😁. I was curious about the Beaumichel that you guys posted. It seems to be the quietest of the three, a white wine with a characteristic acidity. It has quite a bit of sweetness, but it's well balanced with the acidity so I could drink it easily 🥰. It is different in the sense that it has no sake-like character, but it was more normal than the other two 殺.