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デューク澁澤⭐︎ It's been a while since I had a lunchtime drink at home. Tasake Junmai Ginjo light nigori. We bought it at Yajima Sake Shop. The first one is the supernatant. It has a sweet taste with a slight aroma of cypress. It has a sweet taste, but it goes away soon. It tastes elegant. Next, we will mix it. The sweetness is slightly softened and there is a gaseous taste. I might prefer to mix them. Tempura, vinegared octopus, eel and pickled turnip. Beer -> rice wine. I wonder if I can go as far as Kuheiji.
遥瑛チチGood evening, Duke Shibusawa-san 🌇. Is it rice wine for lunch ⁉️ I love it... I can't even get to Kuheiji 🤣.
デューク澁澤⭐︎ Good morning, Chichi! It was my first daytime drink in 3 weeks, although I was drinking at night😎. Daytime drinking helps. My face turned red. Naturally, the kuheiji was unopened.