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SuminoeBY1号 純米吟醸 しぼりたて生酒
シシ神I wonder if I'll be at ❄️ tomorrow... Anyway, it's windy and cold 🥶, so before leaving Let's have a drink! Our specialty motsu-ni-ni (stewed motsu) and Ishinomaki sake (Japanese sake)! The first tank of the brewing year, or "BY1", means it's the ✨first one of the season✨ for Suminoe! I see... Well, let's take a sip... fresh and crisp! Gentle and full of flavor! Junmai Ginjo is still delicious. ⤴︎ The yakitori was also delicious! I'm going to try a new restaurant again 😊.
ポンちゃんGood morning, Shishigami! ❄️ You have been exploring the restaurant well 😁I can only enjoy motsu nabe and freshly squeezed freshly squeezed on a cold day 😁❣️ Are you okay with the snow❄?
シシ神Pon-chan, good evening! Tokyo ❄️ was fine ⤴︎ Sunny when I woke up in the The cold weather continues, but I will enjoy the sake life I'll enjoy it 😊.