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My daughter and her husband drank this brand when they lived in Uozu city for work when they first got married. I found it at Isetan in Kyoto station the other day, and bought it out of nostalgia. 😅🍶. It has a light yellowish hue, and a rich, mellow flavor spreads in the mouth with a slight gassy sensation. I paired it with yakitori from Shokkiya today, and the robust flavor was as good as the yakitori, and I could feel the flavor clinging to my tongue. 😄😄Uozu city is a land of abundant Tateyama subterranean water, but I have a feeling that there is a North Sea in Uozu. Try it 😚😄😄.
Good morning, chichi 😃. Your daughter and her husband used to live in Toyama 🤗Toyama has fish, yakitori, and lots of good sake to go with it 😋.