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A bottle of Jikkai Omachi draft that we came across last month was opened. I could taste the freshness of the bottle from the moment it was opened to the temperature change, but I liked the fresh taste best right after the bottle was opened! On the first day, the sweetness and flavor were fresh and refreshing, in addition to the fizziness that is typical of a fresh sake! The first day, it was fresh and crisp with the sweetness and umami, in addition to the sparkling and bubbly sensation that is typical of nama-shu! On the fourth day, the final day, the flavor settled down even in the Hanakazuke condition, and the temperature change did not seem to affect the taste as much. At my favorite liquor store, if the timing is right, I can purchase a bottle at a point of sale, but the lottery for Yongo bottles is extremely high, so I would be happy to encounter this bottle again when it is sold in fire-aged form! Rice polishing ratio: 50% (using Omachi from Okayama Prefecture) Alcohol content: 15.5