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MiyoshikikuKIT CAT‼︎ SPARKLING純米吟醸原酒生酒無濾過おりがらみ発泡
From Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery, Tokushima Prefecture... Miyoshikiku KIT CAT‼︎ SPARKLING KIT CAT‼︎" series is popular for its cute kitten label designed by Enka Kamegawa. This time, it is an activated nigori sake brewed with 100% Yamadanishiki produced in Tokushima Prefecture and Tokushima yeast! It is a sparkling sake with effervescence, and it will blow up in a lively swish-wash-wash! Please keep the bottle well chilled and do not shake it before opening, but open and close the cap slowly and repeatedly until the bubbles settle! The lees that are sinking do not need to be stirred, but will be blown up with the bubbles that are rising and mixing nicely. The aroma has a fruity fruitiness typical of "Miyoshikiku" and a lees-derived rice aroma. The lees are also entwined, and although it is rich and silky with plenty of umami, it has a clean aftertaste with bubbles that stimulate the tongue. The nose is full, rich and silky with a touch of lees, but the bubbles are bouncy and stimulating on the tongue, and the finish is clean and refreshing. It has a good balance of sweetness, acidity, and effervescence, and is easy to drink with a good aftertaste and smoothness. Rice: ・・・・ 100% Yamadanishiki produced in Tokushima Prefecture Polishing ratio: 60 Yeast used・・・Tokushima yeast Alcohol content・・・14度