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Okunoto no shiragiku特別純米原酒 八反錦
We would like to express our sympathy to the many sake breweries that were affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake. I bought this sake for New Year's at the end of last year, and I never expected to hear the news of the earthquake on New Year's Day when I was about to open my mouth. I hesitated to open the bottle, but finally decided to "drink it! The label says it is best served at room temperature to 45℃, so today I drank it at room temperature 🍶. The aroma is not so strong, but when you put it in your mouth, a soft feeling reminiscent of bananas escapes through your nose. It has a mild but sharp taste that doesn't linger 😊🍶. I would like to try it warmed next 🍶. I wish the sake breweries in Noto a speedy recovery 🙇🙇.