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This sake is brewed using the highest grade Yamada-Nishiki. I was a little worried because of the one year old production date, but when the bottle was opened, it still had a gaseous feel 🙆🙆. The aroma was mild. It tasted a little softer in the mouth than the last time I drank it, but it tasted like melon sherbet with umami and sweetness. It is a well-balanced sake with a taste like melon sherbet and sweetness. On the second day, the sweetness was even more pronounced, and a delicious acidity appeared, which tightened the taste even more than on the first day. It went well with fuguchiri (puffer fish stew) and grilled sea bream. The puffer fish was sent to us frozen when my son went to Saga in March. I left it in the freezer and before I knew it, it was spring 😅.