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Produced by Akebono Shuzo, famous for Tenmei, and sold at liquor stores in Aizuwakamatsu, PB Yamadanishiki Jungin Arahashiri! When you pour it, there is a white ooze and when you drink it, the aroma rushes through you! I was surprised at how aromatic it was! There is a little bit of gassiness? Just a little bit. It's a rough runner, so it's complex, but I like it. The aroma is slightly sweet, but there is a slight bitterness afterwards, but it is pleasant without lingering together! (The horse sashimi is a bit crumbly and doesn't look good, but forgive me 💦 the fat from the futaego melts off and tastes great lol) I'll drink it again 😳. 4.2/5