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Gohho特別純米 彗星特別純米
Sweetness: 2 Umami: 4 Astringency: 2 Acidity: 2 Bitterness: 4 Fullness, body: 4 Flavor: Mint The color is slightly yellowish and thickened. Upright aroma: ethyl caproate green apple-like and a little alcohol. On the attack, the sweetness is moderate, but the umami of the rice is clear. After that, a minty bitterness gradually fades into the back of the nose. This is a mellow sake that is more like a local sake. This is the first sake from Hokkaido. It was given to me as a souvenir, but it went great with the octopus and rice that I bought it with! The wash reset effect made the drink go down the drain... 😆.