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Manrei Junmai Daiginjo Unfiltered Nama-zake ORIGARUMI Sake from Saga Very delicious! The color is a little yellow with sediment and suspended solids. I imagined it would have a complex taste because it is an unfiltered raw sake, but it is crisp, probably because it is a daiginjo. However, it was crisp and refreshing, perhaps because it is a daiginjo! The moment you put it in your mouth, it is delicious! What is "orikarami"? I asked Dr. Google to find out. I heard that it means to leave the "lees" as it is without the filtering process called "racking" (see: ). (Reference: https://tanoshiiosake.jp/10049) That makes sense that there is sediment. The taste is characterized by its richness. I heard that many of them are slightly sparkling, and the store where I bought this Manrei also described it as slightly sparkling, but I didn't understand it myself. I felt a little sparkle in the first glass when I just opened it, but I guess it was different if I imagined it was carbonated. At any rate, I am now one wiser! Thank you very much!