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Buyu純米吟醸 山田錦 直汲み無濾過生原酒
Koyama Shoten (小山商店)
Fresh delicious sake 😋. I didn't drink it at the Sake Lab, but I had two bottles in the fridge and I've never checked in for Ibaraki sake before, so I bought it 🍶. It is directly pumped and has a strong gaseous taste 👍Weaker than active, but a definite gaseous taste. The top aroma is a fresh ginjo aroma. The gasiness is strong and moderate, but the acidity and bitterness are well-balanced and crisp 😋😋😋😋😋. Fresh and juicy grape-like nuance. Sweet and spicy. It is more middle palate than the previous Imi. I was surprised because I imagined it to be dry because of its brave name "Takeyoshi". From the second day, it has a sweeter taste. Good hints of grape nuance. Alcoholic feeling. The sharpness. It is sweet but well balanced, without any cloying taste and with a weak acidity and bitterness. I wonder if this sharpness is "Takeyuki" 😋. It is also good as a food sake 🍶. 3,000 yen👍 excluding tax