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Banshuikkon純米吟醸 springShine 生純米吟醸
I was attracted by the beautiful spring-like label. The sake bottle is also thick and has a sense of elegance despite its reasonable price. According to the brewery's information, the sake has been carefully crafted using "Shin-Gin polished rice," "four-stage brewing," and bottling using the "gravity system. When poured into a glass, it is a beautifully clear sake with fine bubbles on the inside of the glass. In the mouth, it has a silky gasiness and a refreshing acidity. The alcohol content is 14%, but it is not just light; it has a strong umami flavor. The power of the four-stage brewing process and Yamadanishiki can be felt. It is a perfect Hanami sake that goes well with crackers and other simple snacks.