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The owner offered me this next one! I was able to purchase Jungin Oorigarami and Jun Daizu Nama sake for this season's Hachitan Nishiki, but not the Jungin Nama sake 💦. It was an unexpected encounter 🙈. As soon as it was poured into the glass, the pineapple was in full bloom! Expectations are high! This season's Hanahayo had some complexity and bitterness 😅 please 🙏 I thought it was Yatanishiki and now it's time to taste it! The sweetness was similar to Miyamanishiki in Hanahyokyu! Not as max sweet as Miyamanishiki, but sweet and tasty compared to other rice! Personally, I think Miyamanishiki, Hachitan Nishiki, and Omachi are better! It makes me so excited to drink jun-dai lol! 4.8/5