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Toyobijin別撰 山田錦
KumakichiI finally stopped by my favorite liquor store on my way home, but the limited edition sake I was aiming for was sold out, So, I bought this one, which I had been curious about for a long time but had not been able to buy yet. Toyo Bijin Bessen Yamadanishiki I have had many kinds of Toyo Bijin, but the sweet and tasty ones are the best! However, this Bessen is unexpectedly priced at 1,320 yen including tax! It is surprising that you can buy it at a convenience store or supermarket class price! I opened it right away and found it to be a bottle with a refreshing acidity and sweet flavor! It is very easy to drink, but the high cost makes it easy on the wallet! Rice polishing ratio: Undisclosed (made from Yamadanishiki produced in Hagi) Alcohol content: 15%.