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Tengumai能登初桜 震災復興応援酒本醸造
炭火焼鳥 鳥祐
#Shibuya w black/ta/fuku/ina/blue/mura/taka/rishi/small/kuwa/upper With the start of the new fiscal year, meetings continue to be held with each organization within the company to strengthen We continue to have meetings to strengthen relationships with each organization in the company. Remote meetings are increasing, which is important 🤔. I have been a regular customer for more than 10 years 😁😁. Actresses also visit the restaurant from time to time. Last month, I had a dinner at a different restaurant, and it was a great opportunity to support the recovery from the earthquake. I got a bottle of Tengu Mai x Hatsuzakura Honjozo Blend to support the earthquake recovery, I had it. Contrast of sweetness and spiciness. I enjoyed it with my favorite yakitori👍👍.