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Masumi漆黒 KURO純米吟醸
Sake from Nagano, Japan, was given to me as a gift. When I opened the unfamiliar box, I found a crisp, modern designed sake bottle. A closer look reveals that it is from the Miyasaka Brewery of "Masumi. This is the first time I have had this sake. It is a junmai ginjo made with Masumi's No. 7 yeast. The first sip is clear and tasteless, with no cloying flavors. When you savor it slowly in your mouth, the flavor spreads as if it is soaking into your palate. It is said to be a food sake, but it is a good partner for Japanese cuisine and other dishes that make the most of the ingredients. This is a bottle that pleasantly betrays my image of "Masumi". It is delicious. ‼️