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bonchiWhite color with some foaming. For some reason, it hardly separates over time. Fruity and sweet aroma reminiscent of pineapple. Sweet and smooth, with a moderate acidity that contributes to its drinkability. It has a rough texture on the tongue. The overt aroma is also pineapple-like. The flavor lingers in the mouth. The astringency is not bothersome. Medium lingering aftertaste. It is a fragrant and mellow sake.
bonchiGood mouthfeel. Good aftertaste. It is a kiken sake that makes you want to keep going even if there is no entrée.
bonchiOn the second day after opening the bottle, I warmed it up and found it to be exquisitely delicious! The pineapple-like aroma has not changed, and the addition of a banana-like aroma makes it even more delicious! The bubbles and bubbles are very interesting to look at.