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御前酒菩提酛 にごり酒純米原酒生酒にごり酒
drinking at home (as opposed to going out) Date of production: November 2022 100% Omachi rice produced in Okayama Prefecture Rice polishing ratio 65 From the etiquette According to "Doumou Shuzouki," a book written around 1677 that introduces sake brewing in various regions, among the sake brewed at temples, the sake brewed in the clear stream on the premises of Bodai-san Shoryaku-ji Temple in Nara during the Kakichi era (1441-1444) became famous throughout Japan for its deliciousness. The yeast used to make this sake was called "Bodai Hashiro" after the name of the temple, and was an important factor in making beautiful sake. Gozenshu and Bodai Bohage Nigori Sake are made using the traditional method of sake brewing, and the natural lactic acid derived from lactic acid and pure yeast are used to make the sake mother to bring out the ancient taste. It is a light nigori sake with a refreshing acidity and the rich flavor of Omachi rice, the pride of Okayama. To commemorate the release of this sake, we asked Master Masamichi Iwagaki, abbot of Maimurai Temple in Mimasaka, to design the label.