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Originally, he was just Mr. Kato, apparently. They have been pre owned for a few years now. 🙄. A corporation? 🤣 and I wanted to tsk tsk but the old man at the liquor store, dizzy and eager to explain, was too worried that I might fall down to get the story. 🤷‍♀️ Dewanosato 🌾 / Polishing 60 / Yamagata yeast The initial aroma is mildly gin-like. It has a muscat-like aroma right after opening the bottle, but after a few days at room temperature, it has hints of lychee and guava 😍❤️ It is like tonic water and makes you forget that it is a sake. It is lighter than the Eikoufuji from the same brewery, with a hint of bitterness and aroma. It has a slim body that would be good during a meal, but the unique aroma makes it enjoyable on its own as well. ❣️ Refreshing with white mapo tofu with a hint of yuzu pepper 😋. It would also go well with curry and other dishes! Glenmorangie and sensory déjà vu 🥃, which I've been into lately. Sake that I haven't taken the time to enjoy in a while 🍶.
Thank you for your very detailed and clear representation!