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Kachikoma特吟 大吟醸大吟醸
としひこToyama food tour in spring without using any Hokuriku Ouenwari (tearful) 🌸 Following Toyama city and Toga village, the third day was in Uozu. The third stop was Sushi Daimon, which is a must in Uozu 🍶. Katsuma is a sake brewed in Uozu. It is Aruzoe's Tokugin. Aruzoe's Tokugin. It is a refreshing sake that doesn't interfere with the food. This is quite good.
ジェイ&ノビィHello Toshihiko 😃. Beautiful sushi🍣 and katsuma! I'm so happy to be able to have them in Toyama 😋! Sushi Daimon ‼️ is a restaurant I would like to visit 😍
としひこDaimon-san is delicious 🎵I recommend it. You may not go to Uozu very often...^^;.