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Kudokijozu亀仙人 純米大吟醸 亀の尾40純米大吟醸生詰酒
Kudokamide's limited series Kamesenjin is a sake made from Kame-no-o sake rice. The back of the label reads, "Life is best when you are at peace, not confused. It is quite profound. As for the taste, it is definitely delicious as it is called "Kudo Ute. It has a fruity and rich flavor with little acidity, which I think is peach-like. This sake has a particularly rich sweetness and is very easy to drink. It tastes great chilled, but it is not bad at room temperature or even hot. If you raise the temperature a little, I think it goes well with a variety of foods. Purchased from: Kagataya Sake Shop