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Niwa no Uguisu大吟醸
Daiginjo from Yamaguchi Shuzo Brewery in Fukuoka, Japan, Kokoro. I've always wanted to try this garden gnat, but I'm not sure the daiginjo is representative enough. The aroma is the most gorgeous of all the daiginjos and junmai daiginjos I've had recently! Capueti type aromas often seem artificial, but this one seems quite natural, perhaps because it has a good balance with the acidity, with a sweet aroma of ripe pear and apple-like fruit! The taste is surprisingly dry, with a moderate sweetness and a flat flavor that lacks fullness. The taste is clean and easy to drink, but compared to the aroma, it is inevitably a bit of a letdown. It's a little difficult to evaluate this sake, isn't it? I'll leave it for a while and update if there are any changes.