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First ⭐︎ Ding! To me, it looks like a face that says 'Delicious~' and is holding its hoppe that is about to fall off with both hands! 😆 🌾-/Polished 55 The top aroma is a gentle but deep and elegant ginkou like a compote of linden sweet. Bitter bitterness from moderate sweetness and umami. The second half is spicy and the aftertaste is short. Better with tanshio (tongue salt), chicken breast cheese, or smoked duck than with beef, which has a nice fatty taste. My brother said it was great with grilled marshmallows too 🌀No kidding! The same brewery as Takizawa! I'm so glad to meet Mr. Nagasawa Ding of California Wine 🍷 and his sake 🍶 which I was curious about because it has the same kanji!