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帝松褻と霽れ ~ケトハレ~
帝松 Check-in 1
Teisho - Matter and a clear sky - Keto Hare Primule yeast preparation for wine Matsuoka Brewery Ogawa-cho, Saitama Prefecture Rice (domestic), Rice malt (domestic) Polishing ratio: 60 Raw storage Alcohol content: 15 Sake meter: -5.0 Acidity: 2.5 The aroma is banana. I was told that this is the aroma of banana, and I learned that "this is banana! I learned that this is banana! I didn't really understand the difference between melon, pineapple, and banana, but this aroma that is not too heavy is banana! Hmmm. The first sip is like a "kokkun" drink with a sweet astringent taste. The second sip is with snacks...well, I feel like it goes in smoothly and tastes more delicious. It seems to go well with dishes with high oil content and strong flavors. I heard that if you leave it at room temperature for a few years, it will mature and become like a black banana again. I'm very curious...