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Beau Michellecotton candy原酒生酒発泡
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It was the first time for us to drink Beaumichel, and we are very happy to repeat the experience. Do not be careless when opening the bottle: Although it was not as difficult as the opening of the Terada Honke "Musuhi", this time we were about to lose the sake because of the bubbles. As soon as the bottle was opened after moving it up and down to even out the sediment, the bubbles came gushing out all the way to the opening. I was in a great hurry. I quickly closed the lid and got away with it. It was bad. Foam: The size of the grains is medium and the texture is quite sharp. Intuition: The presence is differentiated by the sweet and sour taste with a clear uneven presence. Low-alcohol Sanuki Kuraudei-style lactobacillus juice-like taste. I experienced firsthand that modern sake is on the rise. I would like to try other lineups. ==Beau Michelle/Cotton Candy Beau Michelle/cotton candy Contents: 500ml Price: 1,815 yen (including tax), 1,650 yen (excluding tax) Limited draft sake Polishing ratio: 60 (100% sake brewing rice) Alcohol content: 8 Producer: Banno Shuzo Co. Manufacture date and delivery date: 2024/03 Handling:Cooling required ■Item: Sake