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It looked delicious so I brought it home: ☺️ It is 80% cloudy, which is interesting because it is called sake 😚. No spills or spurts. Let's start with the supernatant. The aroma is of sweet and sour yogurt. It is a very muddy sake aroma. The taste is beautifully sweet, with little bitterness, so I am thankful that I am not tired of drinking it for my taste. It is a yogurt juice that can be drunk vigorously 🤤. When mixed with lees, it turns pure white. However, unlike doburoku, it is smooth and silky at about half its individual state. The aroma has changed to a thick yogurt. A little creaminess also appears. It has a sticky texture and when swallowed, it leaves a dairy-like residue on the tongue! The sweetness is reduced a little and the bitterness, richness and alcohol are more pronounced. The creamy texture makes it very drinkable, and I would be happy to pair it with a chilled, hearty, meaty dish such as a hamburger. I'm off to Birkin tomorrow 😍. By the way, I like the Uguisu in the garden the best so far when it comes to Doburoku 🙄.