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Yukinobijin貴醸酒 活性にごり 山田錦 生生酒にごり酒貴醸酒
The first bottle of Akita Bijin's "Yuki no Bijin" was opened, following Nanbu Bijin. This is an active nigori sake. The bottle has a "Caution: Open Bottle" label on it. When the cork was opened, bubbles and bubbles came out of the bottom of the bottle. Oops, close the cork and slowly open the bottle while keeping it calm. It has a strong sense of bubbles and a pleasantly sour and umami taste in the mouth. Although it is a kijo-zake, the alcohol content is low at 14 degrees, so it is gentle to the palate. It is a kijo-zake with an image of an after-dinner drink, but it is also a perfect toast. Delicious: ❗️