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gon781823 2024/5 Shigeemon Sakebag Hanging Shizuku Sake Junmai Nama-shu Gohyakumangoku 70% 17° 24/3 A Ishikawa Kaga City Hashimoto Shuzo 1800 3121 The aroma is soft and sweet, but the taste is clean and dry. But the taste is clean and dry, with a complex aftertaste of sourness, astringency, bitterness, and even a slight saltiness. It was so interesting that we tried heating it up (we preferred it hot), which broadened the flavor and gave a softer impression. By the third day after opening the bottle, the flavor had developed, and I have been enjoying it heated and sometimes chilled ever since. I am once again grateful to be able to enjoy sake every day like I do with Shojo.