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I was curious about Machida Sake Brewery! My favorite liquor store recommended it to me and I had bought some Gohyakumangoku, but I never got around to opening the bottle. I found a bottle of Nagano Miyamanishiki at another liquor store, so I bought it immediately! When I drank it, it was very different from what I expected 💦I thought it would be sweet because of the Miyamanishiki, but it was sharp without being sweet (the sake level was -1)! The aftertaste is a bit dry in a good way, but it doesn't linger, it just disappears. This is a sake that can be used with fish dishes such as sashimi, and of course, with any meal! I wonder if Gohyakumangoku is not sweeter than Miyamanishiki. 3.3/5 (3.8/5 or so if nothing else 💦 as I expected from Miyamanishiki)