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Tabika純米吟醸 瓶火入れ 雄町 50%
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720ml ¥1,980 It's been a long time since last summer💦. I found it in the hanpukai and this is the second bottle I've had and I'm finally going back 😀. I'm excited to drink it for the first time, but I'm also excited to drink it because I know it's really good 😊Okay, let's open the bottle🎵 Muscat aroma 🍇. The flavor is clear and sweet, but the sweetness is moderate and the flavor is perfect! It's really delicious 😋! It would be interesting to compare it with the sweet one from Zanachachiyo 😁. But with today's shipment, we have 41 bottles of Lemacom 💦 9 bottles next week, including direct shipment from Saku 💦 Well, compared to drinking outside, you can take your time and enjoy it at various temperatures from the opening to the end, and you can enjoy a fun drinking comparison, so it's a good price 😁. I have to drink hard to make space😅😅