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Dassai磨き三割九分 寒造早槽純米大吟醸生酒
Temperature 5°C (room temperature) Taste 90 Color Almost colorless and transparent Aroma: Fruity aroma typical of Otters, with a hint of freshness. The freshness of the freshness of the aroma is not too strong. Perhaps because of this, the lingering aroma seems stronger than it is. Taste: The slightly carbonated taste of the raw sake makes it a little spicy on the palate, but it gradually gives way to a refreshing sweetness that is typical of Otters. Overall impression: I drank it within 3 days of opening the bottle, but on the third day, the microcarbonation was completely gone and the taste was tart. It is a waste if you don't finish it on the same day after opening the bottle.