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Yokoyama Goju純米大吟醸 WHITE純米大吟醸生酒
How does Mr. Yokoyama from all over Japan deal with this SAKE? The value of the jackets ........ 8/10 This kind of cleanness is very favorable, secretly telling us "jika-gumi" instead of "chikugumi". Ki ... 14/20 The hue is clear, the odor is a faint koji malt smell, the taste is medium-acid with a good sweetness, and the texture is light. Sei... 18/20 The texture changes to a shochu-like burning, and it is highly evaluated as an accent. Turning... 14/20 It has a koji-like sublimation smell, but it is not that strong. Yui ... 11/20 The aftertaste is dry, but it leaves a particle-like residue, like a souvenir. Cospa... 5/10 Cost...5/10 Bought at 1,985Yen, probably due to shipping cost from the islands. The taste is good, but it's not so cohesive. 70 points