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For the second cherry blossom viewing, UA Sakura Blizzard, also by Senkou✕United Arrows This bottle is also made with Domaine Sakura Yamadanishiki, but the red yeast used in this bottle gave it a completely different taste! If the regular Sentori Sakura can be compared to an adult grapefruit juice, Sakura Fubukiyo is an adult acerola drink. The fresh fruitiness and acidity in the first sip made it feel exactly like an acerola drink! Especially on the first day of opening the bottle, it is superb with the addition of the shwash! On the second day, the shwashiness disappears and the acidity becomes more pronounced than the sweetness, and it quickly changes the image to that of lemon squash! It is also delicious, but I think the first day is the best day for SENKYO! Rice polishing ratio: 60 Rice used: 100% Domaine Sakura Yamadanishiki Alcohol content: 14%.