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There are various theories as to the origin of "Rakurakutsuru," but it is said that the name "Rakurakutsuru" is derived from the name of a place called "Sasaura" near Kinosaki Hot Spring located about 20 km from the brewery, the name of the villa of the lord of Izushi Castle, Lord Sengoku, called "Rakurakuen," and the name of sake, "Rakuraku," which is also called "Sasazuru. The name of the villa is said to be "Rakurakuen" and the word for sake is "Rakuraku". The word "crane" is said to refer to the storks that lived in this area. The top aroma has a strong alcohol flavor. It is a very rich and mellow sake, as it is a pure sake. I don't want to compare it to other sake, but it has the feel of mellow shochu or spirits. However, it is a sake (I don't like the term "sake", so I call it "alcohol"), so it is somewhat mellow, not that harsh alcohol. It's easy to drink, so you can gobble it down with a gulp, and (for me) it's a bit of a kick.