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Haginotsuyu肉食系純米酒 ライオン 山田錦 直汲み生酒純米生酒
<Wild, tasty, carnivorous. The aroma is a robust taste of grain nuts. The sweetness of banana and sugarcane is also soft. When you put it in your mouth, you are suddenly hit with a powerful thump. The taste is mainly grain, but also lactic acid, banana, bamboo grass, and syrup. Various tastes rush into the mouth at once. The aroma is also strong from the moment you put it in your mouth. And the strong alcohol taste is also a big whiff. The aftertaste has a delicious flavor like the smell of gunpowder left after a blast. The beautiful label is deceptive, but this baby is a carnivore. This is no zoo animal. He is ferocious and wild. He has the presence of a champion, but if you show him an opening, he will knock you down with his strong strength. If we compare him to the boar god from "Princess Mononoke" in Ghibli. He is a household member of Okkotonushi-sama. He is a wild boar, and his wildness is unmistakable. Degree of liking:★★☆☆☆☆ *I will post the full version on my blog, supplemented with character images, etc. If you like, please search for "korune sake" or visit us from the link in the profile section.