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This Sudo Honke is a very old brewery.... I was curious, so I took a peek on my phone after buying this sake. So this is the first brewery to release a sake with a "nama" (raw sake) flavor! This sake also has the word "Nama" written on it lol. And the fact that it's made using the traditional method of honjikomi sounds kind of awesome! What surprised me is that this is 20 years old💦. I don't know what changes have occurred over the past 20 years. It starts with a unique aroma, then comes a caramel-like sweetness, and just when you get used to the unique aroma, the rice flavor spreads. I think this aroma is different from the ginjo aroma, so maybe it has been aged and the aroma has changed. I don't dislike it❤ It's delicious❤. Aroma that's almost addictive, in a good way! 👍 I think they are making only daiginjo now, so ginjo might be precious.