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Shuho純米酒生原酒 豊醸祈願祭
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I stopped by the Jizake Club in Mukonoso, Amagasaki for the first time. The owner's mother, who is super knowledgeable, recommended this one: ‼️ It is only sold once a year. Dewa Sanzu 65% from Yamagata Prefecture. Sake degree is -14 The alcohol content is also 14 degrees. Numerically sweet, but what do you think? Color: clear Aroma →Melon or pineapple Taste →A good sweetness pushes in from the very beginning of the taste 🫢. No unpleasant bitterness at all. What is this? It's just so good! The taste is more complex than sweet, and after that, the flavor is sharp. I really like this one. ❤️❤️❤️This flavor ride at 14 degrees alcohol is 💦. I can confidently recommend this sake to anyone💁‍♂️✨