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KamoshibitokuheijiEAU DU DESIR
スータローンEAU DU DE'SIR is my favorite. My mother gives me this sake every year as a birthday present, and I thank her for giving it to me again this year. On the palate, I think it is a very delicious sake with a fruity ginjo aroma reminiscent of melon and peach, with a little citrus squeezed in and a lingering sourness and bitterness. Immediately after opening the bottle, the bitterness is a bit of a problem, but as the days go by, the bitterness fades away and the mouthfeel becomes mellow and smooth. The bitterness is a bit of a problem right after opening the bottle, but as the day goes by, the bitterness fades away and the mild taste becomes more pleasant. I served it with simmered beef and burdock, It is delicious with deep-fried dishes and other dishes.