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森國びびび。本醸造 なかどり本醸造生詰酒中取り
Benefit Station きたの(北野商店)
From Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture [Shodoshima Brewery]... Bibibibibi. Honjozo Nakadori Morikuni's standard sake "Bibi Bibi" is carefully brewed by the only small sake brewery in Shodoshima, using "Oceto" from Kagawa Prefecture and water from Shodoshima. (Honjozo Sake), made by the only small sake brewery in Shodoshima, using Shodoshima water. And this is the even more limited "Nakadori" (Nakadori), once-fired, fresh-pressed! So you can taste the stable quality and freshness of the sake. And while the previous season (R3BY) was released in its original state, this season it has been watered down and the alcohol content has been adjusted. (The alcohol content in the previous season was 19°C) The fresh aroma of freshly squeezed sake, the delicious taste of rice and fresh sweetness spreads in the mouth. The mouthfeel is fluffy, with a moderate bitterness and a crispness that is typical of honjozo (alcohol added), and it becomes dry in the latter half of the bottle. The dryness is not as strong as the value (+6.0) due to its smoothness on the palate. It goes well with fish dishes such as sashimi and sushi. Rice used: ・・・・ Ooseto from Kagawa Prefecture Rice polishing ratio: 70%. Sake meter degree・・・+6.0(Super dry) Acidity: ・・・・・1.4 Alcohol content: 16%. Limited to 200 bottles